Why is Ambi Skin Care’s Ambi-Mint beauty serum so expensive?

India’s Ambis’ luxury brand Ambis Beauty has launched its Ambi Mint Beauty serum on the back of a slew of high-profile launches in recent months, including its new mascara, lipsticks and concealers.

The serum has a whopping price tag of Rs.6,000 ($9,600).

This is despite its inclusion of a large variety of beauty ingredients, which the brand claims have been tested and approved by the Indian Food Safety and Standards Authority.

The company claims that the serum is made of 100% Pure Water, is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

The brand is also launching a range of other products, including a skin cream, mascara, eye mask and nail polish, as well as a range with cosmetics in the “Beauty” and “Soothing” category.

The products are priced at Rs.5,500 to Rs.10,000.

The Ambis brand, which is also known as Ambi, is India’s third largest cosmetics company, with sales of $5.5 billion in 2016.