What’s in your skin care routine?

The Daily Mail reports on skin care essentials for your home, from your moisturiser to the moisturiser you use.

 The article also talks about skin care ingredients, so you know what to expect when buying a new product.

The Daily Mail says you should look out for: “A full list of ingredients and ingredients’ labelling” for a complete list of all ingredients on the ingredient label of productsYou should be able to read the ingredients list in a new browser window (this will be displayed in the lower left hand corner of the page), so click the link to open the list.

You can also click on the ingredients to see a list of them, which includes ingredients that have been tested, and which have been found to be safe for use.

You should also be able click on any ingredient to see the ingredient information, which is usually more detailed and can also give you a more accurate idea of what the ingredient does. 

The Daily News also says you shouldn’t use any ingredient if it contains a drug, like salicylic acid, that has been linked to skin cancer.

You shouldn’t even use it if it has a chemical structure that makes it more likely to be absorbed by your skin than if you had used a regular moisturiser.

The Daily News warns you that this may cause irritation.

For more skin care advice, check out the Daily Mail’s Skin Care Basics article here:The Daily Post has a listicle called Skin Care Tips, and has a collection of skin care tips on their skin care page.