Trump administration seeks approval to expand drug program to cover people with preexisting conditions

President Donald Trump’s administration is seeking approval to broaden the eligibility of Medicaid recipients to receive treatment through the Affordable Care Act’s insurance exchanges.

The Trump administration would allow states to expand coverage to the low-income population, which is largely concentrated in the South and rural areas of the country, under a plan that the White House said Monday would help lower costs and provide greater access to health care services.

Trump signed an executive order in January directing federal agencies to expand the Medicaid program for low- and moderate-income Americans to cover them for up to three months per year.

The White House has long argued that expanding coverage would increase health care costs.

The program has grown to cover about 24 million people since its inception in 1996.

The new bill would allow the expansion to be expanded to up to 200,000 individuals and couples per year, the White Houses Office of Management and Budget said.

The move comes as Trump continues to battle the growing number of uninsured Americans.

The number of Americans who have gained coverage since the Affordable Health Care Act was passed in 2010 is nearly 6 million, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.