The Lad: The Best Skin Care Brands to Choose From

Cln Skin Care was one of the most prominent brands that went on to dominate the beauty industry, but it has since come under scrutiny for its ingredients and its lack of cruelty-free products.

The company has now apologized for its actions, admitting to using animal-derived ingredients in products. 

The company also announced a partnership with Zendaya, the largest beauty brand in the world, to make a new range of products based on its skin care line. 

Zendaya was founded in 2007 by American beauty brand Sephora, which has since been bought by Walmart for $2.7 billion.

It has since moved into luxury and prestige categories, with brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Burberry among its top brands. 

Cln SkinCare, which is owned by American cosmetics giant Johnson & Johnson, announced a new skin care range in 2016 that included the Zendara Skin Care range.

Zendora was founded by Zara Cosmetics founder Zara Khan, who started the brand in 1999 and became the brand’s CEO in 2003. 

However, in a statement to The Daily Beast, Zendower said it was “saddened to learn that Cln was using animal products in products, including some of the products we offer.” 

The statement added that Zendayer was “reconsidering its use of animal products” in future, and “will provide a full explanation of its current position.” 

“While Zendayas ethical and compassionate approach to the use of animals is well known, it is the practice of animal testing that is important to us and our customers.

This is our first step in an ongoing effort to change our practice,” it said. 

In a separate statement, Cln said that the new range, which was released at a company event in New York City in December, was created “in response to the growing demand for cruelty-Free products and to offer the Cln family a brand that is truly cruelty-FREE.” 

Clan Skin Care, which makes products for both women and men, will now be renamed “Clan,” and will also include a cruelty- free range. 

“We are very pleased to continue working with Zara and with Zera Cosmetics and will be launching a range of Zendrayas cruelty-proof products that are 100% cruelty-Friendly,” Cln spokesperson Katie Teller told The Daily Show. 

But the announcement of the new Cln skin cream line did not end the controversy surrounding Zendoya, as it was recently revealed that the brand was using the same ingredients and packaging as Zenda’s skin care. 

A photo posted by Zendanya skin care (@zendanyahaircare) on Dec 10, 2017 at 12:07am PST In the past, Zeta Cosmetics has been criticized for its cruelty-friendly products, which include its cruelty free moisturizer line.

It also had a partnership deal with BAPE, which ended up ending in 2018, after the brand sued the manufacturer for allegedly misleading consumers about the safety of its products.

Zeta has since made several cosmetic deals with other companies, including Cosrx, which it owns, and brands like Urban Decay and Revlon. 

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