Target’s ‘Skin Care Package’ Gets the ‘Target Skin Care’ treatment

Target has pulled its “Skin Care Packages” from its website, following a viral kerfuffle over the product.

The controversial products, which include a $79 “Skincare Spa” for $99, are available for $129 and a $199 “Skin care” spa for $199.

In a statement, Target said: We have removed the Skin Care Package from the Target site, which is a limited-time offer.

The products are now available only at Target stores.

The company did not elaborate further.

The controversy over the products comes as Target has been working on an updated version of its $75 shampoo, which Target announced in March would be made available to customers starting Jan. 3.

But some consumers have complained that the shampoo doesn’t contain enough zinc to combat acne, as well as not containing enough of the antioxidant vitamin E, which has been touted as an acne treatment.

Target said in its statement that it “will continue to work to make the new shampoo available in all markets” where it is available.

Target’s $79 spa “SkinCare Spa” is still available for purchase.