Skin care and makeup is a must for your vacation destination

Tidewater skin is a beauty staple, but it doesn’t have to be.

Whether you’re visiting the beach or a resort, you should have a plan for your trip and the right makeup.

Here are 10 things to keep in mind.


Waterproofing and sunscreen are required for all travel.

Most hotels, resorts and resorts require the use of waterproofing and anti-static spray, respectively, in order to protect guests from the elements.

The Sunnyside resort, for example, has a waterproof shower and sunscreen on site, while the Bal Harbour Resort in Washington, D.C., has its own, much larger indoor pool with a fully waterproofed shower and shower curtain.


Water-proofing is the most important element in keeping you dry.

The more layers of sunscreen you wear, the better you’ll feel, says Tricia Jones, a dermatologist and author of the Travel Essentials book.

Water repellent is recommended for everyone over the age of 18.

But even for the younger, the idea of wearing a mask is not without risks.

“There’s some studies showing that kids who wear masks have more allergic reactions to it,” Jones says.

“But if you’re older, and you’re comfortable wearing a face mask, I think you’re more at risk of getting a reaction.”


It’s important to wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

This means wearing a long-sleeved shirt or a long sleeve shirt to protect your face.

It also means applying sunscreen at least two to three times a day, Jones says, but remember that the sunscreen is not the only thing you should wear.

“If you wear your sunglasses, you can get sunburn,” she says.


A good sunscreen will protect your skin from UV rays, and that includes the harmful UVA rays.

“UV rays are the worst of the UV rays,” Jones explains.

“They cause inflammation in your skin, and they cause the skin to look red.”

“It can look like you’re sunburned and discolored,” Jones adds.

“We recommend wearing sunglasses that protect your eyes, nose, mouth, and throat.”


Be careful when wearing makeup.

A makeup sponge can be an inexpensive way to protect the skin from sun damage.

“When you wear makeup, you’re creating a barrier,” Jones recommends.

“So when you wear a makeup sponge, you put makeup on your face and your skin absorbs the sunscreen,” she adds.

But if you wear sunscreen on top of makeup, it could cause you to burn your eyes.

“You can’t just wear sunscreen and then wear makeup,” Jones warns.

“It’s not a great idea.”


If you plan on staying longer than three nights in a hotel or resort, wear sunscreen at night to prevent the sunburn that can result.

“Sunscreen protects your skin,” Jones advises.

“And if you don’t wear sunscreen, the sunscreen can start to peel off your skin.”


Don’t wear makeup when you’re in a public area.

“The sun can be dangerous in public areas, especially in a crowded area like a mall,” Jones tells PEOPLE.

“I just don’t recommend people wear sunscreen in public if they’re in an area that’s crowded.”


Avoid leaving your makeup at home.

“Do not leave makeup at your house,” Jones suggests.

“Don’t leave makeup in your bedroom.”


Wear sunscreen when you are out of the house.

“Makeup can be a great way to stay protected,” Jones continues.

“Just don’t put sunscreen on your eyes and mouth when you leave the house.”


Wear sunglasses in public places.

“Always wear sunglasses,” Jones points out.

“Avoid wearing sunglasses in a busy area, or in a crowd of people.

They can be uncomfortable and you can damage your eyes.”