L’Oréal cleans up after being criticized for ‘sexist’ beauty campaign

LONDON — L’Oreal announced Wednesday that it has “reached a critical mass of consumers who have demanded a more inclusive and equitable product range” and is “taking steps to ensure that we are fully aligned with their needs.”

The cosmetics giant, which is currently under fire from customers after a photo surfaced of a model wearing an undergarment with the word “slut” on it, announced its response to a wave of backlash on Twitter, saying it would offer more “realistic, diverse products.”

“The world is demanding more and more of us and we are doing our best to reflect it,” L’Os beauty chief Yannick Gaudin told the Associated Press.

“The beauty industry has to change.”

The brand had already apologized for the photo, but in a post on its official website, the company said it had “not been perfect” and acknowledged that its brand “lacks inclusivity.”

In response to criticism of its products, the beauty giant’s president of product innovation and innovation strategy, Pierre-Michel Clermont, said the company was “taking measures to further align our brand with the needs of our customers.”

He added, “In our commitment to our customers, we are changing our products in line with the world.”

In a statement, Clermon wrote that the “new range, in addition to being a new approach, also addresses a number of key themes that we have been exploring over the past few months.”

The company also said it was “actively looking into” how to improve its gender-based products.

The announcement comes as the cosmetics industry grapples with the issue of sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace.

In January, L’Occitane unveiled a $20 billion plan to fight sexual harassment, which would cover more than 50,000 employees.

The company has also been working on a gender-neutral bathroom that would be open to all genders and the introduction of a “bikini model” policy.

It has also faced criticism over the use of a woman as its “prince.”

L’ Oréal also said Wednesday that the company will “continue to support our colleagues” who work in “the most challenging and challenging roles,” including those who have “contributed to L’ oréal’s growth and success.”

In an earlier statement, the French cosmetics company said, “We must support our workers in their fight against sexual harassment.

We are working hard to ensure our products and services are inclusive, transparent and gender-balanced, and in this way we will always be ready to make our customers’ lives easier and more rewarding.”