Hyram skin cream helps fight the flu | NHL.com

There’s a new skin care product in the NHL.

And it has a name: hyram.

Hyram is the name of the skin care brand owned by a Florida-based dermatologist and his son, both of whom also run the dermatology company.

The company, which also owns SkinMedic, was founded by the parents of the current Philadelphia Flyers’ captain and a former NHL player, Paul Holmgren.

In the NHL, Holmgen and Hyram’s company, SkinMedics, has been one of the most popular and successful skin care brands in recent years.

Its products include an anti-aging serum, an antiaging cream, and other products that are used by NHL players.

The products, however, have not been available in the United States, as the NHL Players’ Association has said they do not have an NHL-approved trademark for hyram, according to a source familiar with the matter.

The NHLPA filed a trademark application in January 2018 for the name hyram and an amended application in June 2018 for hyrams anti-ageing, anti-inflammation and anti-irritation products.

In addition, a trademark for a new product is being filed.

However, the NHLPA says the company did not submit the proper documentation for a trademark registration application and a registration statement has not been filed with the Trademark Office.

The players union has not responded to a request for comment on the NHL’s use of the name Hyram.