How to wash your face for a healthier look

Wash your face with a cloth dipped in water, a mild soap and some alcohol before washing your face.

Washing your face should help reduce your risk of sunburn and skin cancer.

Wash your hair as you normally would, and leave your facial hair in the sun if you plan to do so.

Avoid the use of any harsh detergents or bleach as they are not recommended for the face.

Do not wash your eyes or nose.

Wash all parts of your face, including your face and hands.

If you have dry skin, use a moisturizer or cream to protect your skin from further sunburn.

Wash a cotton pad and wipe down your face before applying sunscreen.

Do the following before you leave the house to prevent skin cancer: Remove all sunscreen or other harsh cosmetics.

Avoid contact with the sun, including in direct sunlight, and stay in a cool environment away from direct sunlight.

Do all of the steps outlined above if you are a person of color.

If not, read more about how to avoid sunburn, sun damage and skin disease.