How to treat the sun spots

The sun is not the only thing that can cause sun spots, according to a new study.

The research by University of Illinois researchers found that even though people have a general sense of what it is like to have sun spots on their skin, they often can’t see them.

“People tend to focus on what the sun looks like on the outside and ignore what it looks like in the inside,” said Dr. Jonathan Rieff, the study’s senior author.

“They’re really, really focused on the inside and neglect the outside.”

“People can’t really see what it’s like inside,” Dr. Rieffer said.

Instead, people tend to see the symptoms in the outside world.

What’s more, when people are not wearing sunscreen, the sun can penetrate the skin and cause sunburns.

Dr. Riedff is also an associate professor of dermatology at the University of Chicago.

He is a researcher at the Mayo Clinic and a member of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

He is also the director of the Sun Health Research Institute and a co-director of the Northwestern Center for Skin and the Sun at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

Dr Riedffer’s study was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

The study involved more than 30 people who all had sunburned skin.

In the study, they were given two different treatments to try to alleviate their symptoms.

One was a chemical sunscreen, and the other was a skin-friendly product that is commonly used by skin care products.

They also wore masks to mask the sun.

After the second treatment, they started a weekly sunburn clinic at home, where they applied the chemical sunscreen daily and monitored their sunburn.

A week later, the researchers monitored their symptoms for four weeks.

Dr John Schmitt, the lead author, said the study provides further evidence that sunscreen is a valuable tool for treating sunburn and that it’s also effective in preventing sunburn when applied correctly.

He said the results suggest that people who use sunscreen properly should also wear masks when working outdoors, especially when traveling.

This is a huge advance, because people have been using sunscreen since before the invention of the sunshade.

Dr. Schmitt said people are taking the sunscreen issue seriously because it’s such a common cause of sunburn in many parts of the world.

Dr Schmitt also said that even after sunscreen is used properly, people can still get sunburn through normal sun exposure.

“It’s very easy to go in and get sunburnt.

You just don’t want to get sun burned,” he said.

Dr Mark D. Wilson, a professor of clinical dermatology and ophthalmology at Emory University, also has been involved in the study.

He said sunscreen is important for preventing sunbursts, and he said the Mayo study shows that people can take the right precautions to prevent sunburn while working outdoors.

“In this study, we’ve found that the chemicals we applied to the skin weren’t sufficient to prevent any of the serious health effects that we see in sunburn,” Dr Wilson said.

“We need to look at how to make more chemicals in sunscreens that can be effective at reducing sunburn.”