How to stop the rise of the ‘skin care’ trend

By now you’ve probably noticed a trend in the beauty industry.

Products like makeup and skincare products are increasingly being marketed in ways that suggest they’re more important than they actually are.

And it’s all thanks to Instagram, the social media platform that lets users share photos of their skin care products on their feeds.

Instagram is currently used by about half of US beauty brands and is now used by nearly a quarter of US women.

It’s a major part of why beauty brands are struggling to stay relevant.

“We are seeing a resurgence of the beauty market,” said Krista Aiello, a makeup brand executive at MAC Cosmetics.

“The beauty business is at a tipping point.”

Mac Cosmetics was recently acquired by Sephora for $400 million.

In addition to Instagram’s influence, the company also relies on influencers like Aiella, who has over 14 million followers.

So when MAC launched a product that looked and smelled like an avocado, the brand’s Instagram followers immediately hit the trending hashtag.

As a result, the Instagram post garnered more than 100,000 likes and almost a million shares, with the hashtag #AvocadoBoomerang becoming a viral sensation, becoming the top trending hashtag on the platform, according to Instagram.

The avocado-inspired product also went viral on Twitter, gaining over 3 million retweets and over 5 million likes, according Toi.

According to Aiellos marketing director, Aieella is the face of the avocado brand and it’s her goal to stay on top of trends.

While it’s a great opportunity for MAC, it also has a downside.

This trend is changing the way the beauty business works, said Aielly.

“We’re no longer going to make a product and say, ‘It’s avocado-y,'” she said.

“That’s not what we’re trying to do.”

While the trend may be gaining traction, Aieslays vision of a more sustainable future isn’t the only reason she wants to stop marketing the product.

She also wants to see better-looking products in the market.

Aiello said she also wants a healthier product line that includes natural ingredients, which will help to make the brand better.

But she believes a healthier future isn�t a priority at the moment.

Mac and AieLLos have decided to focus more on organic, natural products and are exploring alternative ways to grow revenue.

They�ve also started working with a local health care company to develop a vegan version of their product line.

MAC is also trying to get more female customers, who have been buying into beauty products, to shop through the brand.

Last year, they launched a women-only beauty subscription service called MAC Beauty, which provides subscribers with free samples of lip products, eyebrow products, body care, and foundation.

However, while it offers women the opportunity to try new products, it has a long way to go before it becomes a viable business model.

They also need to reach a broader audience, which Aieellos said will take a lot of work.

“[Our goal is] to reach as many women as possible,” she said, “but the way to do that is to be creative.”

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