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By Lauren GaudetteThe news of the outbreak of measles in Florida is a reminder that the outbreak is not limited to the United States.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there have been cases in Mexico and Canada as well.

According to CNN, the outbreak has spread to a Florida medical center and several other states.

It is not clear if any children have contracted the disease.

State officials in Florida have warned people to keep their children home for three weeks after attending a spa or doctor’s office.

There is no known cure for the virus, which is not contagious in the U.S.

The Florida Department of Health says anyone with a rash or a fever should not come into contact with anyone who is sick or who has had symptoms of measles.

The CDC says the rash or fever is not a cause for alarm.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services says it is advising people who have symptoms of the measles virus to seek medical attention and stay home for two weeks.

There is no vaccine available and the CDC recommends that people stay home until symptoms improve.

The Department of Homeland Security says it will issue additional guidance on how to protect yourself and your family during this outbreak.

You can learn more about measles in the video above.