How to stay healthy with Laneige Skin Care


— The Laneige Beauty boutique is closing its doors and the owners are scrambling to find a buyer.

The shop is one of a handful of retailers in the Kansas City area that are closing.


— The Laneige salon is closing and the owner is scrambling to buy.

LACEY LAUREN, Kansas — The Lacey salon is closed and the landlord is scrambling.

LARKELLE SCENT, Kansas — The Lacey salon is close and the leasing company is trying to find an buyer.

MAMMA LANCASTER, Kansas, Mo., May 17, 2020 — A new business, a beauty salon that opened in March, is closing in a suburb of the Kansas city, Mo..

The Lacy Salon has been a staple of the community since it opened.

“The community is so supportive and the people love it.

They’ve been coming here for years and years.

The community is very supportive,” said Melissa Lacy, who owns the Lacy and Co. beauty salon and spa.

“They know what it means to be part of the local community and they love the community.

I think they are going to be so excited to be able to close and go into a new direction,” Lacy said.

The Lacy & Co. salon was created to help local businesses stay local.

Its owner, Lacey Lacey, opened the salon in March after the local beauty community asked her to open a new beauty salon.

Lacy said she didn’t expect it to take off as quickly as it did, but she said her salon is growing every day.

As for the Lacey’s closing, she is hoping to keep the business open for a few more years.

Lacey said she wants to open an even bigger salon, and she has a lot of ideas.

Her dream is to open more businesses and have them stay open long enough for the community to see the positive impact that the business is having on their lives, she said.