How to Make Your Skin Glow with Glossier’s Skin Care Kit

Glossier Cosmetics’ skin care line has a lot going for it, but if you’re looking to add color to your skin, this might not be the best choice for you.

This new kit is the perfect complement to the other products, but you might not want to get into it for the color.

The color range is limited to “satin, white, pink, blue, green, orange, red, purple, and brown,” so you’re not going to get much out of this kit.

It has two different shades of glaze for each skin tone.

It also comes with an “extras” kit with a variety of skincare products that are actually the skin care product you already own, so if you have a few of those things, you’re pretty much set. 

What you get for the price of $15.00 isn’t bad, but there’s a lot of skinceuticals to choose from here, and it’s a little pricey overall for a single palette.

The colors range is all matte, but it’s not too bad, so you could pick a few out and stick with the other shades.

The only issue here is that there are some very limited swatches, so I can’t recommend this one. 

The product swatches were done using a colorimeter.

The swatches are accurate for this product, but not quite perfect.

The product swatch above is for a light-medium skin tone, but the swatch below is for an orange-red skin tone with a medium to dark tint. 

Glossier Cosmes Skin Care is available now for $15, but we are not currently accepting pre-orders. 

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Do you like the glazes, but can’t stand the price tag?

Do I need to get in on the Glossier beauty trend?

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