How to Get Your Snail Back from ‘The King’

Snail skin cream, which was a smash hit in the early days of Android, has been banned in Australia.

The Australian Consumer Affairs Commission (ACAC) ruled that the product, which is derived from the snail’s mucus and contains a chemical compound called cetyl alcohol, does not have enough nutritional value to warrant the ban.

“The skin cream does not contain any ingredients that would be likely to have an adverse effect on the health or wellbeing of the user,” the ACAC said.

It added that the ingredient is not a cosmetic ingredient in its own right.

The agency said the ingredient was not a component of the product that would cause “harm or harm to consumers”.

The company had also been fined $500 by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) for using an unapproved sunscreen ingredient in the skin cream.

The company said in a statement it would appeal the decision, and it plans to comply with the law.

Snail Skin Cream, a Snail Products brand, was one of the top-selling brands on the Google Play Store, according to App Annie, a data-driven app analytics firm.

However, the ACA’s decision to ban the product was controversial in Australia, with the consumer watchdog stating that it was a “clear violation of the Australian Consumer Law”.

The ACAC’s decision follows similar decisions made in Germany, Belgium and the UK.