How to get rid of dead skin, says brand

A company that makes a moisturizer has become a household name thanks to a controversial product it developed.

But the company that developed the gel has not only faced legal action but also had to pay out $2.5 million in damages to consumers.

Key points:The company’s name, Dabao, means “to clean” in ChineseBaidu’s Skin Care brand, based in Beijing, made the controversial gel, which claims to have “brightening and moisturizing” properties, available in the US on its website.

The company said the product could be “used by both men and women, and to reduce the appearance of redness, acne, or sebum”.

“We believe that Dabouas can be applied as a gentle facial cleanser, skin toner, or as a deodorant, and are currently developing a range of topical skin care products,” the company said in a statement on its official website.

“These products are being developed by our dedicated team of talented scientists who have worked for over 30 years.”

We have no control over the content of these products and will always make every effort to ensure that they meet our high standards for safe and effective products.

“The lawsuit against Daboo’s Skin Cares, which was filed in US District Court in Los Angeles on Tuesday, alleged the company violated federal laws on deceptive trade practices. 

The case was filed on behalf of consumers who bought the Dabo Skin Care gel, according to the lawsuit, which also named Baidu and another Chinese internet search engine, Baiduan.

The lawsuit also alleged the Chinese search engine’s owners, Yuzhong, “did not provide adequate notice” of the product’s availability and “made false and misleading statements about the product to customers, including its ingredients, potency, and safety”.

The case has not yet been adjudicated.

The ingredients in the product were listed on the Baidus website under the words “A-HAZY-HOT, HAY” and the company had “substantial” claims, the lawsuit said.”

There was no evidence to suggest the ingredients in this product were safe and approved for use by FDA,” the lawsuit continued. 

Baiduan did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

“We take these claims very seriously and will fight this in court.””

The allegations are troubling and have no merit,” a Baidua spokeswoman said.

“We take these claims very seriously and will fight this in court.”

Baiduzu declined to comment. 

Dabao’s products are marketed to consumers by a company called Skin Cures, which it co-founded in 2010. 

On its website, the company describes its products as “superior and hydrating, anti-aging, and moisturising”.

“For a gentle cleansing and rejuvenating treatment, our gel products are also excellent for oily skin,” it said. 

However, the product descriptions have sparked criticism from people who say they do not deliver the promised results.

“I was not happy with the way I felt after applying this product.

I felt as though I was on a slippery slope, as my skin started to feel oily and dry,” said one customer on the company’s website.

Baidhu, which has more than 50 million users, was acquired by Baiduda last year and now runs its own cosmetics business. 

It said the lawsuit was the result of a misunderstanding about the company. 

As of Tuesday, the website of Skin CURES had more than 14 million page views.