How to Buy Mario Skin Care at Walmart

Mario skin care and mario-themed toys are on sale in Walmart stores across the country.

Walmart is stocking up on the popular toys and accessories as part of a national promotion to help raise awareness for a rare disease called Mario Skin Cancer.

“The Mario Cancer Foundation and Walmart have partnered to offer these Mario products for sale at Walmart.

There are currently over 40 Mario-themed merchandise offerings available in Walmart, including toys, accessories, and clothing,” Walmart said in a statement.”

This partnership with Mario Cancer is meant to help give people the confidence to take steps to keep their loved ones healthy, so we can keep fighting this disease,” the company said.

The Mario skin cancer campaign began on Feb. 11 and ends on March 31.

The toy and apparel sales are part of Walmart’s Mario-inspired health promotion, which includes an assortment of toys, books, clothing and games.

The company is also stocking up at select Walmart stores in the United States and Canada to help the cause.

“We are also excited to announce that we are in the process of expanding our Mario-related merchandise offerings to Walmart, and are now offering Mario- themed apparel and toys to Walmart stores nationwide,” the statement continued.

The company also plans to open more stores across America in March to offer the same Mario-centric merchandise.

The campaign has been a big hit among fans of the Nintendo franchise, as well as celebrities, musicians and others, who have taken to Twitter to share their excitement.

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