How to avoid getting flea-ridden by buying flea skin creams

Lebo Skin Care has a special mission to keep you flea and tick-free by adding anti-flea products to its range. 

In its latest skin care update, the cosmetics company says that its anti-bacterial cleanser, Aveda Skin Care Gel, is one of the best-selling products in the US. 

Aveda has sold skin cremes since 2002. 

“I’ve been a big fan of Avedas skin care line for many years, and Avedazas products have been the top seller in the beauty and skin care industry for many decades,” Lebo cofounder and CEO James Bieniello told Breitbart News. 

The brand’s new product is also available as an ingredient in its skin care creams and cosmetics. 

Lebo says it has a long list of products that are tested against fleas and ticks, and the product’s effectiveness against flea bites is based on its proven effectiveness against the common tick.

“Avedas is committed to keeping our customers flea free by providing a wide range of anti-fever and anti-tick products,” Bieniesllo said. 

On Wednesday, Lebo announced that it would stop selling Avedamas products. 

Bieniellos cofounder said Avedashas products were among the top sellers in the industry for a long time, but he said the company was now focusing on finding ways to provide customers with products that do not contain fleas. 

As for what to do if you are bitten by a tick, Lebos website recommends using flea spray or using an insect repellent. 

It also warns that if you have a tick bite, you can’t use any product for 24 hours, but recommends avoiding contact with the skin until you have had more than a few minutes of recovery. 

 Brieniello said Avesa has been using a new product called “D-Frag” to combat tick bites since November. 

D-Fresse is a topical antibiotic that is designed to be absorbed into the skin, but the chemical can cause allergic reactions. 

According to Lebo, D-Frag has a much lower efficacy than Avedams antibiotic. 

While Avedaseas products are still available for purchase, it says they are now limited to only 100 products a month, which means you will only be able to buy products that have been tested against ticks and fleas for a certain amount of time. 

More to come.