How to avoid a ‘cluster headache’ with your Lavelier Beauty line

Laredo, Texas (Wired) – For many people, their skin care regimen is the last thing they look forward to, and the first thing they think about when they leave the house.

But when a new product hits the market, like Laveliers new face skin cream, that’s no longer the case.

“We thought the cream would be a great product to have in the house,” said Lavelers lead skincare chemist, Alex Henson.

“But then we found out it was so popular that people started buying the cream.”

Laveliers latest face cream is called The Face Cleaner and it’s available at local Laveler stores and online.

The Face Cleansing Cream is the same brand that is already being sold in stores like Walmart and Target.

“The Face Cleaning Cream has been really well received in our stores and we really appreciate that,” said Henson, adding that people are using it as a face cleanser for a variety of reasons.

“People love it because it cleans the pores and it cleans away makeup,” he said.

Henson said the Face Cleaners moisturizing cream is also used by patients for an extra boost in skin health.

“If you’re tired of washing your face daily, this product can help you get rid of the makeup on your face,” he added.

“Plus, you get a little bit of hydration.”

To get the product, customers simply fill the Face Clearing Cream into a tube and then wash it out of the tube.

“So if you wash your face twice a day, this will get you to the point where you’re not oily,” said Holly McBride, an associate at Lavelies Beauty and Body Care.

“This cleans the skin and cleans away any makeup and then you get to do all of your makeup in one wash.”

“This product is a great solution for people that are trying to take care of their skin and are tired of constantly washing their face,” Henson continued.

“They love the cream and they like the product.”

According to Henson’s research, the Face Care Cream has helped over 30,000 people remove a total of 30,700 pounds of makeup.

The Face Cleaning Cream is available for $18.99 at Laveries Beauty.

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