5 things you need to know about Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics line

Kylie has a new line of cosmetics, and we know what you’re thinking.

“Skin Care” is an obvious one to pick up, but it’s not the only name that jumps out.

“L’Oreal” is also the name of her line of skincare products.

Kylie is also known for making a splash with her signature, neon-lit makeup, and Kylie’s new line, which launches on May 22, will include lipsticks, foundations, lipsticks and more.

The new lines are made with a lot of natural ingredients and will be available in two colors: purple and teal.

The line will also include a “Ladies of Color” collection, which is inspired by the iconic image of Black women in their makeup and hair.

There are also lipsticks in “Teal,” “Taupe” and “Titan Grey.”

It will be hard to resist trying out the new line!

The Kylie Beauty line, released May 22nd, will be exclusively available at Sephora.

You can pre-order the line on the Sephoracares website.

You also can order the line through Kylie Cosmetics at a discount of $30, which includes shipping to any US address.

You’ll also get the Kylie beauty line through Sephors official app for $20.

Kylies brand will continue to have its namesake beauty products on the shelves, but there will be no Kylie makeup line.

Kyly also announced the new Kylie Glow cosmetics line, available May 29.

Kylys Glow is a collection of lipsticks with natural pigments and high-performance moisturizers.

They will be a great way to add a little shimmer to your day.

Kylis Glow products are priced at $39.99, which works out to about $5.39 a stick.

This will be the first time Kylies Glow will be made available at a Sephori.

Sephory will also be releasing Kylies makeup collection on May 30, with more to be revealed in the months to come.

Check out the brand’s full list of beauty products below. 

What to expect from KylieCosmetics on May 29: KylieBeauty.com/cosmetics/kylie-cosmetics-lady-s-products/beauty-sticks/kyle-l-beauty/lady_s-beauties-cosmetic-collection The Kylies beauty line will include six lipsticks (including the new shade of “Tee,” which is a deep purple) in “Lady’s of Color.”

The new line will be limited to only 100 pieces in total, and the full collection will be $99.99.

It will also launch a lip gloss in “Nubian.”

The Kylies lipsticks will be in a range of shades, including “Tay,” “Glam” and the new “Pumpkin” shade.

They are also available in “Pomegranate,” which comes in two shades of blue.

The gloss in the new range is “Pale Rose.”

The “L-Beauty” lipsticks have a deeper purple hue, which makes them ideal for a more shimmery lip.

There is also a “Tai,” “Bunny” and a “Pigmented” lip gloss.

Kyli’s Glow makeup is priced at “Penguin.” 

What else is on Kylie and KyliCosmetics’ May 29 list? 

The new Kyli Cosmetics lipsticks are priced $19.99 for the new Pink Glow palette. 

The company is also releasing the “Powder Glow” lipstick and the “Lemon Glow” lip color in a limited-edition, limited-time range of limited-release, high-pigment lipsticks. 

“Powder” is a dark, deep purple that’s perfect for all skin tones.

It has a rich, smooth texture and will give you a healthy glow. 

 “Lemon” is more of a neutral brown color that is a great color for all day wear.

It is great for a glowy lip or cheek color. 

There are three lipsticks from the “Pearl Glow” collection in the lineup. 

Pearl is a light brown color with a matte finish.

It’s not a perfect match for all skintones, but is a good neutral color for a matte lip. 

Lemon is a pale blue shade with a creamy texture.

It also is a fantastic match for a pink lip color.

“Pepsi Glow” is another medium-dark, shimmery shade that is perfect for a sparkly lip.

“Navy” is similar to “Pearls” in its color, but with a hint of teal and a hint to pink. 

It is also available as a “Rose Glow” shade and a pink, pink and a red shade. 

For $9.99 each, the “Pink